Deliverables of LAPASSION@Goiania teams

The 5 students' multidisciplinary teams of LAPASSION@Goainia have presented deliverables of the developed online challenges. The amazing quality of the developed works is remarkable considering that we are in the 8th week of the projects and 6 of them were developed just online.

Team 1 (Five Fingers) has presented a solution for the use of physical exercise to generate electrical energy.

Team 2 (2GETHER) presented the challenge of urban mobility for people with specific needs.

Team 3 (The Switchers) challenge is dedicated to a sustainable solution to urban mobility for Tourism.

Team 4 (4EYES) present a solution for the use of reverse logistics of post-consumer waste from a dairy industry.

Team 5 challenge is dedicated to the sustainable pig and poultry breeding with energy generation.