Demo Day of LAPASSION@SãoLuís was a success

On May 23, 2019 it was held the Demo Day of LAPASSION@SãoLuís in the Monte Castelo campus of the Federal Institute of Maranhão (IFMA). Six projects have been presented and dedicated to the challenge “How to improve the Human development index of Maranhão”, with application to the cities of São Luís and Santo Amaro.

Two projects are related with Tourism. Rota Amaro is an app with a route proposed to Santo Amaro, one of the cities from which Lençóis Maranhenses natural lagoons and dunes can be seen. Joga&Go is another app using Gamification approach for São Luís tourists.

Two other projects were dedicated to the protection of woman in risk. Chance Mulher is a platform which helps public institutions to manage the process of entrance of capacitated women into the labour market in São Luís. Another project is dedicated to the creation of a campaign and the brand “Donas de Si” with products like rings, necklace and natural handcrafts, the created brand involves QR codes and one website for Santo Amaro city.

Demo Day of LAPASSION@SãoLuís

VejAilha is a platform to strength the network between Society, NGOs, and public/private institutions in order to improve the access to basic needs in São Luís.

Finally there is a project to improve potable water quality for people at Santo Amaro that developed a filter using natural elements like bamboo.

The projects involved the Government and several Secretaries of Maranhão state and other institutions, with help of some enterprises and other organizations.

The video of all ceremony of the Demo Day can be seen in