Demo Day of LAPASSION@Uruguay

The Demo Day of LAPASSION@Uruguay was a success, the follwing 5 Students’ Multidisciplinary projects have been presented:

Team 1: Bondiveo is an app to connect parents and children to be used during travels in the bus. Bondiveo uses the GPS to launch games about the buildings and streets of the city to allow that the attention of children goes to the surrounding environment.

Team 2: A prototype of a game with letters in the UNO style, where children must make associations between words and drawings, colors and numbers. It is a game to fix knowledge in a playful way, where children work other skills such as agility, reasoning and strategy.

Team 3: BookQRit is a product/service that uses QR codes, and according to the children interests personalizes the homework exercises from the book. To use it, the child simply must scan the QR code next to the exercise, register herself/himself on BookQRit and pick her/his interests, then, the problem that was “boring” is rewritten on the webpage but according to the child’s interests

Team 4: Guayabito project consists of creating a fun tool for education about healthy eating and also collect data about the diet routine of patients (in our case children aged 10-13 years) for medical/nutricional monitoring.

Team 5: Saki is a kitchen utensil and a container that allow children to cut their fruits and take them to school or simply eat it in their free times at home. It was created to help children to be more independent of their parents in the process of preparing fruit.