Students of LAPASSION@Manaus continue the projects online

Context awareness and resilience are characteristics in the DNA of LAPASSION students. If the projects cannot continue in the presential format the LAPASSION teams adopted quickly the online project development using several tools like Zoom, MS-Teams, and Google Meets. In this way they can continue working wherever they are worldwide. Projects running at different timezones sometimes with 7 hours of difference. In LAPASSION@Manaus 6 teams are working this way.

Team 1 is developing the project “Sustainable Bike” to Caloi. Team 2 is developing the project “Low-cost methods in drinking water generation” to Transire. The challenge of Team 3 is “Reuse of electronic devices”, and is being developed to Samsung. Team 4 is developing the project “Efficient Environmental management to public instituitions” to IFAM. SEMA Foundation proposed the challenge “Insertion of sustainable productive chains of conservation units in the Market” to Team 5. The challenge of Team 6 is “Sharing knowledge tool in the schools of the Conservation Units”, being developed to FAS.